1 August 2014

TV REVIEW: Most Haunted - Episode 1/10. The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

Review: By Jon Donnis

So Most Haunted is finally back, after been relegated to being an online only show, they finally managed to convince a TV company to recommission it.

Sad to say it, but it is the same old nonsense only worse.

Gone are stones and pebbles being chucked by Stuart Torevell, only to be replaced by rolls of tape strangely! The first episodes revolves around rolls of tape being moved and chucked! How riveting!

A few knocks here and there, some noises, Yvette screaming, and lots of running around in the dark, and that's it!

Disgraced Ciaran O'Keeffe is gone completely, and the only "skeptic" is someone called Dr John Callow, who according to his website is "an author, screenwriter and historian, specialising in Seventeenth Century politics, witchcraft, and popular culture."

He gets about 30 seconds at the end of the episode to drone on about things that have happened.

The biggest problem with Most Haunted is that we all know it is faked, it is a spoof, people who watch, do so because they want to be entertained, and since Derek Acorah left there is simply nothing left to be entertained by.

Watching middle aged uneducated people wonder about in the dark is just not entertaining, where is the showmanship, where is the excitement?

We ALL know its faked, so at least make it entertaining instead of pretending you have any credibility whatsoever.

Most Haunted may be back, but I suspect after this first episodes the ratings will tank. There is no credibility on the show, there is no entertainment, there is no science. Just people going through the motions to pick up a pay check.

Only good thing is that they got rid of that awful Cath Howe and replaced her with the lovely Mel!

Most Haunted Episode One I give it a 1/10

Most Haunted
Thursday 21st August, 10pm
1/10. The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

Most Haunted is back with a spine-chilling new 10-part series where the team investigates purported paranormal activity in locations across the UK including The Royal Court Theatre in Lancashire and Sheffield’s National Emergency Services Museum. Yvette Fielding is joined by a crew made up from old and new faces; Chris, Darren and Karl on cameras,;Matt on sound; Stuart on lighting; hair and make-up Mel, and demonologist Fred. Together they explore brand new territories, as well as revisiting some old haunts and discover new phenomena that defy belief. With some gripping celebrity specials, including one with Ben Foden and the England Rugby Team, and the award-winning Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, it’s going to be the best series yet.

In the first programme of the new series, the Most Haunted ghost hunting team start in a small theatre with a supposed big problem… from negative entities to a plethora of ghost sightings, the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup has seen it all. The building is said to house so much activity that the theatre’s director asked Yvette and the team for help.

Originally an iron foundry, the building was ravished by fire in 1886. Seven years later in 1893 the theatre as it is now known was opened. In its time it’s been used as a bingo hall and a church as well as a theatre; with so many varied tenants it’s no wonder the little building is rumoured to have such a cast of ghosts waiting in the wings.

As the crew set about investigating the alleged haunted happenings in the theatre objects are thrown and strange smells sensed… when knocking seems to indicate a death happened in the building things start hotting up.

The atmosphere becomes tense as the team brings in a Ouija board - in an evening of sheer fright with apparent poltergeist activity, ghostly footsteps abound and scare after scare, the team set about trying to make it through the night.

31 July 2014

Is this Video Proof the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is a fraud?

http://www.stoptheresacaputo.com - "This NEW video demonstrates that the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is a FRAUD! YOu'd have to be in a coma not to see her cold read this man who mourns to loss of his brother who is a war hero."

13 July 2014

Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching review Fake Psychic Tony Stockwell

You Have Been Watching (Charlie Brooker)
Frankie Boyle - Sarah Millican - Reece Shearsmith

You Have Been Watching is a British comedy panel game presented by Charlie Brooker, produced by Zeppotron for Channel 4 and filmed at BBC Television Centre (pilot and series 2) and Riverside Studios (series 1) in London. It first aired on 7 July 2009, for a weekly eight-episode run.

Each week Brooker is accompanied by a panel of three guests. The focus of the quiz is television - before recording, guest panellists watch selected episodes of various television shows. They may then be asked to suggest hypothetical improvements to the format, critically assess it, or to answer quiz questions on the content.

23 June 2014

'The Amazing' Randi Takes Down Oprah & Dr. Oz

James "The Amazing" Randi joins HuffPost Live to weigh in on the resurgence of psychics and television personalities like Oprah and Dr. Oz.

22 June 2014

The Amazing Atheist takes a look at Sally Morgan

The Amazing Atheist is a professional ranter who yells loudly in empty rooms, and puts videos of it on the internet. Occasionally he reads a book or watches a movie--but mostly he just yells about things for your amusement and/or disgust.


10 June 2014

James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full)

James "The Amazing" Randi is the perfect mix of Science and Magic, a true conjurer of visual machinations that can fool our senses while, at the same time, explaining to us how our senses are fooled.

In my opinion this is the best example of a "human mind debugger", he gets right into the machinations of analog tricks and sees how our brains mistakenly manifests them as a possible reality. Randi also teaches us that illusion and trickery may be comforting to the human mind, but truth is far much more wonderful as it shows us the machinations from the chaos, the sense as well as the awe in both the tricks and the real world.

For several decades, Randi has gone on to expose hundreds of psychics and teach millions across the globe about how they could be fooled into believing in a system which could potentially make them vulnerable to trickery and perhaps psychical harm.

Randi is not afraid to go against popular opinion, as shown in his battle against so-called psychic Uri Geller in the late 1970's and early 1980's.
Randi has also gone against the bizarre practise of faith "healing" and contacting the deceased, and has exposed the cruel, callous and cynical nature of the people who claim to be performing "God's will", such as Peter Popoff.
Randi has also warned us time and time again about the fraudulent practise that is homoeopathic medicine and how it is essentially water solution, dished out as hocus-pocus medicine.

James Randi is the founder of The James Randi Educational Foundation, an organisation that attempts to bring reason to world by luring potential psychics into a trap, baited by a million dollar prize to prove their psychic "powers". "powers" here is a kind of vague term,as Randi knows, so the tests are usually on the so-called psychic's terms. No self-acclaimed psychic has ever won the prize.

Whether or not some form of psychic power exists is still an open question, however many psychics often do not properly gauge their so-called skills and instead brag about them, hence scepticism about such claims should not be so strange to their ears.

Unfortunately the vast amount of psychic powers they have seem to remove all self-esteem as many psychics are often uneasy about Randi's reasonable request and attractive million dollar reward.

Psychic Fraud Exists - Sally Morgan, Theresa Caputo ect. (Psychic Fraud News S2E5)

Reports differ, but now I have spoken to people i know who have seen Sally, and they were not impressed, similar reports from normal people on the internet from people who have seen Long Island Medium and other probable frauds. 

a persons claim that Sally was not very good, interesting reading.

the brown nosed article on Psychic Sally.

article on her not trying out to confirm she has a psychic skill.

another link you may find of interest as far as her ability on stage.


Sally Morgan claims to have worked with many famous people and even politicians, the best to come on screen are b list stars and lesser celebrates, yet at one point, years ago, she did a few readings for Princess Diana, and since Diana died Sally has been using this irrelevant fact to sell many books and get a multimillion pound television and theatre career. He predictions were never truly validated, including her 9/11 claim, most of her "predictions" are blown out of nothing After the fact, nothing more, and her claim to have predicted Diana's death is utterly unsupported and not in the least documented. Also she has been caught out for her lies in the past: http://humanistsforlabour.typepad.com...

Theresa Caputo in this video is used to show that claims of proof in cases of unimportant incident are nonsensical, even more so if you consider she rarely offers Any insight into anyone's life or even gives clear information, cold reading, whether or not she believes her bullshit is a question only she can completely answer as a multimillionaire television show star who does shows mostly in the north east united states. In the clip she has a "skeptic", guy is just unsure, curious and unsure, not a critical thinker, a truth seeker, and something happens, the tape stops recording, but then starts, must be the "spirits", or gremlins in the works.
some claim the show is scripted, and I know that other psychic do use plants in shows, clients usually, some have been known to hire actors from time to time, I say consider it as a maybe:

The clip from The Atheist Experience is in reference to some loon who called up the show saying her could see the future, they made clear general stuff is lightly to end up being true sooner or later, and that James Randi, and the educational foundation(JREF) is willing to pay a million US dollars to anyone who demonstrates the paranormal under controlled conditions, as of yet no famous psychic dares do the test. The Atheist Experience of Austin are a non-profit organisation that does a great many feature length shows on religion and relating beliefs, mostly Christianity and other major belief systems. http://atheist-experience.com/
James Randi, of the James Randi Educational Foundation, is one of a number of people who are willing to test things such as psychic paranormal claims, the key difference between the spiritualists and mystics and the JREF(and others) is that they do tests in controlled conditions, thus the odds of an error a very small and serious ability would be clear and obvious to the methods used. http://www.randi.org/site/

The clip of a discussion between Richard Dawkins, the famous biologist and outspoken Atheist, and Derren Brown, the magician and freethinker, is on how psychics seem to be so good at giving information, yet it is not the medium who really does the work, it is the believer looking for information that fits or making it fit in place. Check out the full interview if you have not already done so, it is worth considering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X56Km...

Lastly a few word on the small clip of Christopher Hitchens, his insights into the nature of faith is often featured in my video content, in this case a small clip of the deceased author from one of his books 'god is not great'. If you want to hear more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwGYl... the reason I used this clip was to express that although we can infer the failure of the belief by the actions of its advocates and officials who cannot be sure it is utterly false simply by the actions of those who are less than reputable characters. In Hitch's case it was about a Buddhist who takes offering left by believers and it not making Buddhism false, but the same logic may be offered to any belief system, it would on the merits of the belief system that it would be judged upon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwGYl...

7 June 2014

Another day another psychic caught committing fraud - Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott from Stafford

So in recent months it seems a day doesn't go by without a naughty psychic getting caught committing fraud of some sort or another, their fans usually make up excuses, but these two pretend clairvoyants conned nearly quarter of a million quid out of the tax payer! Still think they are the kind of people you want a reading from?

The interesting thing is that they were in charge of the SNU West Midlands training scheme for mediums.

Just what the SNU love, two fraudsters teaching their mediums how to "talk to the dead"

Anyway Timothy Abbott, aged 53, and his 46-year-old wife Janette claimed thousands of pounds (£230,000) in disability, council tax and housing benefit payments, saying they could hardly walk.
But they got caught out by those lovely people Department of Work and Pensions investigators, as you can see from the video below!

Timothy Abbot also admitted to have failing to have paid £10,000 worth of income tax or national insurance contributions from his earnings as someone who pretends to talk to the dead!

Timothy Abbott outside of court

They have been bailed by the courts and will have to return for sentencing on August 1st.

I'm guessing the pathetic UK Legal system will slap their wrists, cut off their benefits, and order them to pay back money slowly, and that money will end up coming from victims of their psychic/medium act! Lets just hope the judge realises this, and throws the book at them, locks them up and throws them in prison.

Anyway as you can imagine the Spiritualists national union (SNU) dont want the public to know that two of their best tutors have been done by the DWP, which is why I am publishing this story today, I know how much the SNU love me, and this site.

Janette Abbott with her walking sticks that she really doesn't need!

Tim Abbott advertises himself as an "international spiritualist clairvoyant medium and tutor."
Yet he never saw this coming did he! Sorry I had to get it in there!

And before I go, remember, they were tutors at the SNU Arthur Findlay college, the SNU have now removed them from all their websites and at the moment they are no longer teaching there. Even the SNU didn't see it coming! Some psychics they are.

So if you have found this article because you googled the names Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott, and you are thinking of paying for a reading from these two, just remember they are CONVICTED frauds, they have STOLEN money from you the taxpayer. The SNU employed them, yet not a single psychic/medium at the SNU could see they were frauds!


3 June 2014

Predictably Pathetic Prophecy (Psychic Fraud News S2E4)

The psychics and prophets who say to know the future make massive claims, yet only count the hits, and this is also effected by a bias in interpretation of predictions to make them fit the actual events that take place. So simply very general ideas and/or so many predictions that a few will hit to some degree or can be made to seem to fit somewhat.

Psychic predictions for 2014

psychic predictions for 2013

a prophecy website

an end-time prophecy website

a fortune telling website

22 May 2014

A Rather Embarrassing Night for Self Proclaimed Psychic Sally Morgan in Middlesbrough 16/05/14

The following article has been reproduced here with full permission from Myles Power, please do not replicate it anywhere else without his permission.

I recently went to to see the ‘psychic to the stars’ Sally Morgan at Middlesbrough town hall, and if there was one word I could use to describe my night it would be ‘boring’. First off I feel I have to say that I personally don’t believe that psychics exist so, as you can imagine, I find people like Sally distasteful. This, however, was not the reason why I found the night boring as I do love this kind of thing and was genuinely excited to not only see her, but to gauge the audiences reaction to her show. The reason that it was boring was because the audience did not respond well to her after relatively early on in her performance, she showed the level of her psychic abilities.

For those who don’t know, psychic Sally Morgan is a British television and stage artist who claims to have (you guessed it…) psychic abilities. She believes that she inherited her abilities from her Grandmother who was affectionately known locally as the witch of Fulham. She has been the star of her own show and has an extensive list of clients including celebrities and royalty, and is currently on the road showing off her psychic abilities.

Sally came to Middlesbrough on Friday night and her show started off very well. Even though she was getting the vast majority of what she was saying wrong the audience did not seem to mind and seemed to be having a good time. The point at which the audience became disillusioned with the performance was quite specific. One aspect of the show is that audience members can submit photographs of dead loved ones, in the hope that Sally will select theirs, and give a psychic reading from it. Sally pulled out of a box on stage one of these pictures. She held the picture up to the camera and it was projected on the large screen behind her. The picture was of a middle-aged woman and by the clothes she was wearing and the quality of the image, I guessed it was taken some time in the 1990s. Sally immediately began to get communications from beyond the grave from a man holding a baby named Annabel……or was it Becky. Noticing that no one in the audience was responding, Sally asked the person who submitted the photo to stand up. A rather small chunky woman at the centre of the hall stood up and Sally once again began to get messages from the afterlife. She was informed that this man and baby were somehow linked to the lady in the picture. However the woman in the audience (who was now also projected behind Sally) disagreed and started to look increasingly confused as, presumably, nothing Sally was saying made any sense to her. Sally then decided to flat out ask her if the woman in the picture had any children who passed and, when informed that that she hadn’t, responded by saying “I will leave that then”.

Sally then became in direct contact with the woman in the photo who began to tell her that there was a lot of confusion around her death and that she felt it was very very quick. She later went on to say that the day Wednesday has a specific link to her death and that she either died on a Wednesday or was taken ill that day. As the woman in the audience was not responding to any thing Sally was saying, she decided to ask how the woman in the photo was related to her. It turns out the woman in the audience got the whole concept of submitting a picture of someone you wanted to talk to from the afterlife completely wrong – and for some unknown reason submitted a younger picture of herself.

The hall erupted in laughter, which quickly changed into disapproving mumbles that lasted the rest of the night. No matter how hard Sally tried, she was unable to get the audience back, who were becoming increasingly disgruntled with the number of ‘misses’ she was getting. Not only that, but the audience seemed to become more restrained when Sally was asking them questions. I also don’t think that they reacted well to some of the particularly offensive scenarios Sally was recreating. One involved her re-enacting a dead man flushing narcotics down a toilet to his immediate family, whilst repeatedly saying “flush it down”. Another was when she was talking to a teenage girl whose boyfriend had recently committed suicide by hanging himself. Sally told the girl that she can feel him hitting her leg and that he was, infact, re-enacting  swinging against a door as he was committing suicide.

I now think that the vast majority of people who walked out of Middlesbrough town hall that night feel as i do – that someone who is psychic should know if the person they are talking to is dead or not and that it’s quite a messed up thing for a person to pretend that they are in contact with a dead family member.

By Myles Power

You can read the original publication of this article at This Link